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At greencardEZ, our goal is to empower you with all the information you need to be successful. However, we understand you may need some help time to time for peace of mind. In such times, we’re here for you.

We offer services such as Student Admissions Services and Visa Services at affordable prices. When you’re aiming for the best, don’t compromise on whom you turn for help.

Our USA-based experts are here to assist you.

Make a wise investment. In times such as these, little things go a long way.

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Students Admission Services

College admissions committees pay attention to details. Did you know grammatical mistakes and typos in your documents could result in a rejection? 

At greencardEZ, we want you to get into your dream university. To help you achieve your dreams, we provide affordable admission services. These include reviewing and proofreading services. Get feedback from experts in the USA

Mock Visa Interview – $30 (USD)

Our team of experts will schedule a virtual mock visa interview with you. It will be a 20-minute video call and cover the following:

  • Mock F1 Student Visa Interview
  • Immediate Feedback 
  • You ask clarification questions

We will provide you with specific feedback on areas to focus on. While no one can guarantee you a visa, we will work with you to ensure you are better prepared. It will improve your chances of getting your F1 student visa**.

Before purchasing this service, please log in. Once logged in, make the payment using the button below. Upon payment receipt, someone on our team will contact you via the email you specify in your payment. Use the same email for payment as you used to register here for the fastest results.

**We are not affiliated with any US government agency, including USCIS and Consular Services. Taxes may apply based on your location. Typically, Tax is collected for Texas, USA residents only but may apply based on your local tax code.

Legal Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any U.S. Government Agency. We are not Immigration Attorneys and no content on this website should be construed as legal advice.


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