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      Hi Everyone,

      I am hoping someone can shed some light on employment authorization, also being allowed to renew their driving license during the green card pending stages.

      My previous EAD expired in June 2016, as part of my husband and I filing for the Green Card, we filed to renew my Employment Authorization. USCIS have received all documents June 2016 and then sent a Request for information, which we responded to and they received in September. (Biometrics completed). I just called USCIS and asked if I could begin working again during the pending process. The USCIS Officer said, “it is up to your employer, we know you have to work.” I responded with my previous understanding of the regulations that, until you receive your EAD card you are not authorized to work. I was hoping to check the status and if the regulations are different when applying for a spouse green card. The officer relayed, that “it is up to my employer and that you can work during the pending stages”. I have checked multiple online resources and it seems that you are not aloud to. I am conflicted in my understanding of this, and I would very much like to start working again. I am trying to know if I will be penalized for accepting a job and filling out a W9 form?
      Also has anyone else applied to renew their driving license during this process, or a state ID?

      Thank you for spending the time to read my post and appreciate responses.

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