Ok to complete medical before marriage?

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      Vanessa Napoli
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      Hello All,
      I am trying to get myself all set to submit my paperwork once we have our marriage certificate and I was wondering if any of you know if I could take my medical exam before we actually get married. My main concern is the date on the form will be before our wedding date and that the name on the form will be different… it will show as my maiden name and not my married name which appears on the rest of the forms. Any advice?

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      gcEZ Team
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      It’s a very typically scenario since a lot of filers have their maiden names on a lot of supporting documents e.g. passport, visa stamp, I-94 etc.

      Getting a medical exam prior to your wedding/name change should be fine (and wise so you can file at your earliest).

      As a reminder – make sure you’re specifying your maiden name as part of your Form G-325A information under “All Other Names Used”.

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      Vanessa Napoli
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      Thank you! Everything noted!

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