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      UDay Puri
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      Hello – we currently live outside the USA, and my wife who is the US Citizen and US Passport holder is living with me in India.we have been married and living outside the US for more than a year – and we wish to apply for my Green Card. Can someone advice on this process – on applying for i-130 and i-485 – when living outside the USA. I know we need to go through “Counselor Processing” – applying at the local US Embassy, but specifically 1) any guidance on the timelines of applying from US Embassy through Counselor Processing, and also 2) can we file for i-485 at the same time as we file the i-130 when we file through Counselor Processing? Much thanks.

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      Claire DeNike
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      My Belgian husband and I got married April this year and are living in
      France. We plan to be in Thailand at a Yoga University until June 2016.

      We would like to live in America after this adventure. But there are
      several concerns I have that it may be just a dream for us. Could you help

      One, should we start the process when we are out of the country and will
      not be in the US for a whole year? Or should we wait until we arrive and
      have him enter on a tourist visa.

      Two, Neither of us have stable jobs. We work for several months, save and
      travel. Thats how we met and all we know as a married couple, so far. We
      want to settle down, start a teaching yoga and I want to become a Doula as
      well. I do not think I will be able to sponsor him. My father maybe able
      to, or my step mother. Do we have to live with them if they are his

      Three, our marriage certificate is Belgian. Will it be accepted? Do I have
      to file some paper work before I start the GC process?

      Currently, I am overstaying a tourist visa with no repercussions since we
      are married. We will not do the same in America because we are to scared
      of messing up our chances of living there together.

      I would like to start the process as soon as possible. I have heard of
      many couples being separated for months or more. Also, how long until he
      can work legally?

      How long does the process take all together? But more importantly, how
      long until we can both be living in America? How long till we can both be
      working in America?

      I was born in Berkeley, California. I am a citizen.

      Thanks for your help. Your site is helpful but not so much for my

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      gcEZ Team
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      Hi @chaparo1 and @cagirl507

      Thanks for your questions. We are getting more and more inquiries about filing for green card through marriage from outside the United States. We have prioritized this, and are planning on adding this information within the next couple weeks.

      Filing from outside the Unites States is possible, but it would behoove you to consult a U.S. Immigration Attorney to discuss your personal case, given the moving pieces. We should have the filing from outside the U.S. instructions up on the website over the next couple weeks, so hopefully you’ll be able to take advantage of that.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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