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      gcEZ Team
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      Hi F1 visa holders/applicants,

      We’re creating this thread so you can post your F1 Visa interview experience here. Please be sure to include all necessary details, such as U.S. consulate, date, time, questions asked, documents requested etc. so other can benefit from it.

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      Satkar Thapa
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      I got my visa 3 years back, just couple of questions were asked:

      What are you going to do after completing your studies?

      How are you going to afford the tuition fees?

      I got visa in 5 minutes.


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      Manasi Sharma
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      I went for my F1 visa interview in Mumbai, India in June 2018. My interview lasted about 5 minutes. The questions were:
      – What university are you attending?
      – What program are you enrolled in?
      – Why this program?
      – Who is going to pay for your education?
      – What are your plans after graduating?

      I was a bit nervous and the interview was nerve racking, but everything worked out well in the end.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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