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     Ragdoll Lover 
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    How do I do Concurrent filing?
    Do I put everything into a big package like checklist suggested?
    Then send them to the same address?
    Are there any requirement for Concurrent filing?

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     Jus Lee 
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    Did you file based on the checklist page? What happened and what did you eventually do?

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     Jus Lee 
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    I have a question: can a single person file all of this paperwork? Or, do both parties (the green card applicant and the US citizen) have to file separately? I see no instructions referring to this.

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       Vanessa Napoli 
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      Hi there, I’m wondering the same thing. Did you ever get a response?

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     gcEZ Team 
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    Hi. Please refer to the following page:

    The forms will be filed by U.S. Citizen and Green Card applicant as necessary, but if you’re filing concurrently all the forms can be mailed together (as a single package).

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     Antonio Rodriguez 
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    I’m recently engaged and will be married soon to a US citizen. Based on some initial readings looks like I will be filing concurrently for my green card. Any pointers on where to start?

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     Silviu Tomas 
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    I am in a similar situation as Antonio – looks to be very confusing with all the sources online. Any pointers

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