Bio-Metrics Completed 2014- 9619HSS


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      Salman Mehdi
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      Would greatly need your suggestion and timely assistance.
      I work for a major MNC and i have been working with them for 6 years and my employer has applied for my GC on EB1C category this october 2014[overall experience 20+ years].

      USCIS receipt: 28th Oct 2014
      4 Receipts received : 6th Nov 2014
      Finger Printing: 20th Nov.
      Center: Texas
      Any estimates of how long will the next proceeding take? Like getting i140 ,i485 EAD, & GC.
      I am sure there are laks of people waiting for their GC for years and it isnt fair on my part expecting GC so shortly but Due to internal politics and management changes lately in my company, I ended up with a huge conflicts with my boss and he is targetting me now to cancel my GC application hence i have asked for release from the current team …
      In the last month , I did apply for my H1B extension as well and he rejected my H1B extension request- I hope you all can understand what of a pain it is when someone has ONLY you as a target.

      1. what are the possibilities of my GC being cancelled in worst case scenario
      2. Money paid has been encashed and i have received a notice stating that we received your money….

      Note: As my current supervisor is a racist and has high racial descrimination, I have decided to move into another team within the same company so that i can maintain a low profile…..

      I am not sure how many people have applied for GC in the year of 2014, would appreciate if you can put your kind advice..

      If you need any more information, let me know but plsss suggest me.
      I dont want this a$$h0le to play with my life and career. He recently joined our firm from EMC.

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      Jose Munoz
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      Any updates? Hopefully you got your GC.

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