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First off, a warm welcome to you. We’re thrilled to have you here and hope you will find our website very resourceful for your US study, work, travel, and immigration needs.

Whether you want to study, work, or live in the United States or visit temporarily, you’ve arrived at the right place. We have the information you’ll need for your journey.

At greencardEZ, our goal is to make your US journey as easy as possible. Here, you will find:

  • Information required to immigrate or travel to the United States, which is simple and easy-to-understand.
  • Community to meet and connect with other members that are pursuing the same dream.
Student Journey

If you’re an aspiring student, we’re here to guide you. We know the ins-and-outs and help you navigate various obstacles, and share tips that will help you save time and money. Let’s start your Student Journey.

Green Card Journey

The one you’ve been dreaming about – Green Card. The Green Card journey can be exciting yet challenging and frustrating if you don’t have the correct information. Fear not. We’re here to help. Let’s get started.

Our Community

Our vision is to Simplify US Immigration, Attract and Empower the world’s finest, and together Push the world forward by leaps and bounds.

Our community is what makes us so effective. There’s a good chance that the questions you have are the same others had during their journey, so you’ll find your answers right away. In case they haven’t been asked or answered already, don’t hesitate to ask.

And it’s not all business either; feel free to have casual conversations. Start or join discussions, ask questions, answer them, hang out, exchange ideas, make friends, and cheer on each other. There is so much to be learned and shared.

So why wait? Come join in. Registration is FREE, so sign up already.


About Us

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Not too long ago, we walked the path of immigration and faced the challenges and stress that arose due to the complexities and difficulties. When done, we realized it was unnecessarily made complex, primarily due to a lack of clear, succinct information. At other times, the information was just wrong.

We dreamed of a world where this would be simple and easy. We didn’t want others to face the same difficulties and get disheartened, but rather enjoy their Journey. We built this website for this reason–to make the process EZ so rather than getting frustrated. That way, all of us can spend our time doing the things that truly matter, the things we enjoy the most.

Want to get to know us more?

Legal Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any U.S. Government Agency. We are not Immigration Attorneys and no content on this website should be construed as legal advice.


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