karma and gold rewards program


We are very excited to present the greencardEZ karma and gold rewards program, and are hoping you will find it to be fun, intuitive, and very rewarding.

We’re sure you’re eager to find out how it works, so we’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which should paint a pretty clear picture for you. Despite of this if you do have any more questions,feel free to post those in our forums and we’ll answer them quickly.

You see, to make greencardEZ.net more fun, we’ve introduce greencardEZ karma and gold. They are essentially rewards that you can earn on https://greencardez.net

Think of greencardEZ karma as a reflection of your participation on greencardEZ. The more active you are, the more karma you earn. Your karma is displayed publicly so show it off with pride.

greencardEZ gold, however, works a little differently. You pretty much earn gold the same way as you earn karma, but isn’t shared publicly. Your balance is only displayed to you.

greencardEZ karma reflects your participation on greencardEZ.net. Higher your karma, the more seniority it indicates. karma also earns you ranks.

Keep in mind, karma can only go one way – UP! (with the exception of when someone tries to game the system, that’s when it goes down). So go on, earn away!

greencardEZ gold works differently. While you earn gold similarly as you do karma, you can trade gold for unlocking premium content.

It however allows to unlock premium content areas of the website. The amount of gold needed to unlock the premium content area is displayed with the premium content unlock messages on the website.

karma earns you ranks. As you earn karma, you climb up in rank. Here’s the breakdown of  karma points and corresponding ranks. 

  • 0 to 49: Day Tripper
  • 50 to 99: Biker
  • 100 to 199: Cruiser
  • 200 to 499: Town Traveler
  • 500 to 999: Sailor
  • 1000 to 2499: Globe Trotter
  • 2500 plus: Voyager

Earning karma & gold is EZ.  As mentioned above, you can increase your involvement to earn karma & gold. Here’s a list of ways you can earn greencardEZ karma & gold. There is no limit on how much karma or gold you can earn – so earn away.

We understand that not all of our members may want to earn gold solely through participation. For those who would rather supplement or purchase outright, you can do so from buy greencardEZ gold page.

There are multiple premium content areas. Every content area that you unlock will be unlocked forever.

No, your unlocked premium content is linked to your account. You can access it from different devices as long as you log on to your account from that device.

Unfortunately, we do not allow transferring of unlocked content between accounts. Each account must unlock their own content.

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