Green Card Application Checklist

Great job on filling all the forms. That in itself is a huge undertaking – Pat yourself on the back.

Assuming that’s out of the way, let’s shift our focus on getting the file ready. In this section we will go through making sure we have a complete checklist to ensure everything is in order. It is extremely important to do this right the first way, since you reduce chances of RFE (Response for Evidence), which basically adds processing time. Note I say “reduce”, and not eliminate because every now and then USCIS misplaces a document, and asks you to resend it (by means of RFE). Since we have no control over it, let’s just leave it at that.

Now let’s go ahead and gather all the documents that you need to file your green card application, but before you do that I recommend making a photo copy of all the forms you filled out, for your records. As mentioned before, occasionally USCIS will misplace something and may need you to send it again. These will come in handy then, and also it’s a good practice to keep a copy anyway.

As a part of getting your application ready, you will be asked to furnish supporting documents with each form. Do NOT send any originals of any supporting documents; only photocopies should be sent.

Finally, make sure you’ve signed all the forms. This is a very common miss amongst applicants, and will result in a RFE.

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