Form I-131 Checklist, Marriage based Green Card

USCIS Form I-131 Checklist Marriage Based

Purpose: This page contains Form I-131 checklist when filing for Application for Advance Parole Travel Document.

If you’ve chosen not to file Form I-131, then skip this page.

Here’s the Form I-131 checklist, a comprehensive list of documents you need to file when filing USCIS Form I-131 for green card through marriage.

Tips & Checks

  1. Arrange the documents in the order listed below.
  2. Place the photos on top of Form I-131.
  3. Use paper clips to hold all the pages together. DO NOT STAPLE ANYTHING.

Form I-131 Checklist Instructions

  1. Completed form I-131
  2. Copy of an official photo ID showing your photo, name, date of birth
  3. Document issued by USCIS showing your present status, if any, in United States,
  4. Green Card Applicant’s two (2) U.S. Passport Size photos
    • Write Green Card applicants name on the back
    • Tip: Put these in a little Ziploc sandwich bag

Form I-131 Checklist FAQs

Yes, these Form I-131 checklist instructions are limited to Green Card by Marriage when both spouses are physically present in the U.S.

If you’re looking for Form I-131 checklist for a different category, please navigate to the appropriate category using website navigation menu or by performing a search using the search bar.

You can find Form I-131 Instructions for a green card application by marriage to a U.S. Citizen, when both spouses are physically present in the United States.

That concludes the Form I-131 Checklist instructions. If you have any thoughts, questions, or clarifications on Form I-765 Checklist , feel free to ask and/or discuss them in the appropriate Marriage based Green Card discussions.

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